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      Essae Weighbridge in the Agricultural & Engineering Industries:

      Essae Digitronics is a well-known manufacturer of weighbridges and other weighing solutions. For the agricultural & engineering sectors, which often involves bulk transportation of produce and inputs, accurate weighing solutions can bring several advantages:

      Efficient Crop Management

      Accurate weighing of harvested crops allows farmers and businesses to effectively manage their inventory and predict yields for future seasons.

      Fair Pricing

      Farmers and buyers can ensure that the transaction is based on the accurate weight of the agricultural produce, ensuring fair trade.

      Optimized Logistics

      By weighing vehicles before and after they are loaded, transportation efficiency can be enhanced. This ensures that vehicles are not overloaded, which can lead to reduced wear and tear and fuel efficiency.

      Reduction in Losses

      Overloading vehicles can result in damaged goods during transportation. Accurate weighing can minimize these losses.

      Compliance with Regulations

      Many regions have weight limits on roads to prevent damage. Ensuring that agricultural vehicles are within these limits can prevent fines and legal troubles.

      Data Analysis and Forecasting

      Accurate weighing data can be fed into software tools to analyze trends, forecast demands, and optimize resources.

      Enhanced Profitability

      Accurate weighing of harvested crops allows farmers and businesses to effectively manage their inventory and predict yields for future seasons.

      Inaccuracy of say ton of material weighted 50/kg per ton

      Assuming such transaction 15per day

      You would be loosing

      75000/-, Per day

      Solutions We Offer

      We offer complete weighbridge solutions, such as Silo Weighing Systems, Grain Management Systems, Automated Weighing Systems, AccuTROLL, and Bagging System for a wide range of industries.

      Silo Weighing Systems

      Precision for Efficient Inventory Management. Our systems provide real-time weight data for accurate silo material tracking and streamlined operations

      Food Grains

      Edible Plant Extractions

      Chemicals & Fertilizers


      Grain Management Systems

      Elevate grain storage with precision and efficiency. Our systems ensure quality and value through automated monitoring and control.

      Rice Mills

      Process Management

      Automated Weighing Systems

      We’ve been dedicated to delivering top-notch Automatic Weighing Solutions for over 25 years

      Engineering Industries



      Elevating Engineering and Beyond. Unmatched precision, optimal processes, essential for modern industries. 

      Engineering Industries

      Bagging System

      Precision bagging for free-flowing granular products. Pneumatic actuators, multiple load cells, and intuitive controls for accurate, efficient packaging.

      Rice & Sugar

      Pulses & Wheat


      Granules & Chemicals

      Case Studies


      Performing onsite calibration of a weighbridge using standard weights at full capacity is a concern for clients, as procuring the necessary quantity of test weights locally presents a significant challenge.


      Essae weighbridges come pre-calibrated from the factory with full-capacity weights, which alleviates challenges for clients and ensures accurate weights, as proper weights are used during calibration.


      The installation of a weighbridge involves civil work, which can pose an additional challenge for customers.


      Essae offers both partial solutions in the form of precast blocks and complete solutions through turnkey projects to clients.

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      I am in the popcorn business, and for weighing purposes, I initially chose Essae Weighbridge due to their exceptional quality, accuracy, and service. After experiencing the benefits of their weighbridge, I decided to install nine more in my village and nearby villages. Furthermore, I have recommended Essae Weighbridge to numerous fellow farmers in the same business, many of whom have also opted for Essae Corn weighbridges.
      Mr Selvam
      Essae Weighbridges - 50 MT
      Shri C.R.Sakthivel
      Essae Weighbridge - 50 MT
      Rajesh Rajan | Project & Operation Head
      Essae Weighbridge - 80 MT-Pit less
      We are a big Fan of Essae we are using it more than 10 years. I will recommend everyone to go to Essae weighbridge, it is really good when compared to other weighbridges. The major thing what we like is its accuracy and long life. Service is very good and responding on time and very quick.
      Rangashree Kar
      Essae Weighbridge - 50 ton
      S.S. Mallikarjun | Managing Director
      We are using Essae weighbridge from last 13-15yrs, Essae is very good weighbridge, till date we have not faced any issue, If there is any issue it is cleared on the same day. So we have recommended to all the customers to use Essae weighbridge.
      Deepak Kumar Gupta
      Weighbridge Testimonials | Hyderabad Region
      AGO Vertical


      Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd
      An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO TS 16949:2009 certified company Protecting Your Profits...Since 1996"

      Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO TS 16949:2009 certified company, comprises of FIVE divisions with three manufacturing facilities. Our business focus includes manufacturing and marketing of Truck Scales, Dynamic/In Motion Weighbridge Products, Machined Components, Speedo Hub Drive for Automotive Sector.

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      About Essae Group & Group of Companies

      Essae Digitronics belongs to the esteemed Essae Group of Companies that was founded in 1965 with a vision of serving society by supplying quality products that provide high value for money.

      The Essae Group of companies is currently engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Electronic weighing scales and systems, Auto Components, Electronic Cash Registers, Bar Coding and Scanning Systems, PCB Assemblies etc. One of the group companies – Essae Chandran Training Institute is engaged in enhancing the knowledge of Indian Organizations in the realms of Quality Management. With 11 manufacturing facilities in Bangalore, Pondicherry and Goa and over 68 Marketing outlets across the country, Essae Group is a progressive business conglomerate.

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      If your business is in industries such as Cotton Processing, Seafood, Pharmaceuticals, or Water & Waste, among others, our Line Weighing Bridge System is designed to protect your profits. Contact us to find out how!

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