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Essae Weighbridge in the Agricultural & Engineering Industries:

Essae Digitronics is a well-known manufacturer of weighbridges and other weighing solutions. For the agricultural & engineering sectors, which often involves bulk transportation of produce and inputs, accurate weighing solutions can bring several advantages:

Efficient Crop Management

Accurate weighing of harvested crops allows farmers and businesses to effectively manage their inventory and predict yields for future seasons.

Fair Pricing

Farmers and buyers can ensure that the transaction is based on the accurate weight of the agricultural produce, ensuring fair trade.

Optimized Logistics

By weighing vehicles before and after they are loaded, transportation efficiency can be enhanced. This ensures that vehicles are not overloaded, which can lead to reduced wear and tear and fuel efficiency.

Reduction in Losses

Overloading vehicles can result in damaged goods during transportation. Accurate weighing can minimize these losses.

Compliance with Regulations

Many regions have weight limits on roads to prevent damage. Ensuring that agricultural vehicles are within these limits can prevent fines and legal troubles.

Data Analysis and Forecasting

Accurate weighing data can be fed into software tools to analyze trends, forecast demands, and optimize resources.

Enhanced Profitability

Accurate weighing of harvested crops allows farmers and businesses to effectively manage their inventory and predict yields for future seasons.

Inaccuracy of say ton of material weighted 50/kg per ton

Assuming such transaction 15per day

You would be loosing

75000/-, Per day

Solutions We offer

Silo Weighing Systems

Precision for Efficient Inventory Management. Our systems provide real-time weight data for accurate silo material tracking and streamlined operations

  • Food Grains
  • Edible Plant Extractions
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Bio-fuels

Grain Management Systems

Elevate grain storage with precision and efficiency. Our systems ensure quality and value through automated monitoring and control.

  • Rice Mills
  • Process Management

Automated Weighing Systems

We've been dedicated to delivering top-notch Automatic Weighing Solutions for over 25 years

  • Engineering Industries
  • Corporates


Elevating Engineering and Beyond. Unmatched precision, optimal processes, essential for modern industries. 

  • Engineering Industries

Bagging System

Precision bagging for free-flowing granular products. Pneumatic actuators, multiple load cells, and intuitive controls for accurate, efficient packaging.

  • Rice & Sugar
  • Pulses & Wheat
  • Fertilizer
  • Plastic Granules
  • Chemicals

Case Studies

1 /

They are very efficient in installation, and they are punctual. The performance of the weighbridge is excellent. The product is fantastic, and its accuracy is also outstanding. There is no chance of water entering the pit. Thank you.

Rajesh Rajan

Project & Operation Head

We are a big Fan of Essae we are using it more than 10 years. I will recommend everyone to go to Essae weighbridge, it is really good when compared to other weighbridges. The major thing what we like is its accuracy and long life. Service is very good and responding on time and very quick.

Rangashree Kar

Managing Director

I have been using Essae weighbridge since the year 2016. We have found Essae weighbridge to be accurate and very useful in cashews weighment. All our groundnut and jackfruit dealers are also satisfied with the weighment done on our Essae weighbridge. Hope Essae will continue to provide us great products and excellent services always.

Shri C.R.Sakthivel

Essae Weighbridge-50 MT

I am doing a popcorn business. For weighment, I selected Essae Weighbridge and put the first one. As I found out that their weighbridge quality, accuracy, and service are the best, I went ahead and added another 9 in my village and nearby villages. In fact, I recommended it to many farmers in my same business who have also gone for Essae Corn weighbridge.

Mr Selvam

Essae Weighbridges -50 MT


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