Annual Service Contract

Would You Really Want Your Profit Protection Machine Dysfunctional?

At Essae we believe that profit protection is the main function of our weighing systems.

Essae weighbridges help you bring in require speed and accuracy in weighing material – be it the incoming raw material required for production, the waste that is being sold out, or the finished product going to the market.

The rationale behind the purchase of Essae weighbridge is to stop the pilferage, control the movement of material and protect against human error and other frauds.

Preventive and regular maintenance of your Essae weighbridge ensures the smooth functioning of your weighing machine and foolproof check on pilferage or fraud in material movement saving you lakhs of rupees month after month for life long.

Skilled engineer from Essae will pre-empt problems and deal effectively with repairs thus eradicating the risk of escalating service and/or legal costs.

For the benefit of Essae customers we now offer TWO Attractive schemes for the Annual Maintenance of your weighbridge (read as Profit Protection Machine)

Service engineers’ locations across India:

Service engineers’ location

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Why Choose Essae ASC?


Over 4300 Installations across the country for over 2500 satisfied customers.


An ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


Has proven guidelines specifically designed for Preventive Maintenance and Repairs.


Over 80 professionals across the country to enable faster reach and just-in-time reliable service and repairs.


Essae Service Professionals are trained rigorously and regularly. After the completion of their training they receive Certificate of Proficiency in service and repairs from the company. Their knowledge and skills are constantly enhanced and evaluated through regular skill training workshops.


Critical spare parts including load cells and indicators are available at local offices to ensure that customer calls are attended and serviced within the specified time.


Get a priority treatment when you sign up with us for Annual Maintenance.


Essae call center service is available from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM on weekdays (Mon-Sat.) 080-32937723, 093431-37723


Each service request gets recorded in our Central Repository System and follow ups and automatic escalations to various levels take place online through SAP till customer complaint is resolved satisfactorily.


All our service activities are well monitored through this system in day to day basis

Annual Maintenance Contract

Plan Comparison

Description Gold RECOMMENDEDPlatinum
Four preventive maintenance visits in equal time period during the contract period
Emergency visit whenever required in addition to pre-scheduled maintenance visit during the contract period
Electronic boards related to Digital Indicator Assembly
Load cell cable maximum up to 25 metre
Junction PCB ( ESPD / Duplex ) replacement
Essae weigh soft software excluding cloud solutions
Load cell
Digital Indicator Assembly
Junction box enclosure including junction PCB ( ESPD / Duplex )
Load cell cable for the full weighbridge length and connectors
Additional Display Coverage
Fasteners for full machine at the time of dismantling / re-erection*
Mounting bracket assembly*
Base plate assembly*
Tension Link*
Epoxy paint with thinner as required with set of brushes
Supervision of dismantling and re-installation of the weighbridge in the contract period in case of location change

*Considering the existing condition into account

Note: The old parts replaced under this contract will become the property of Essae Digitronics.

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