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Are you seeking tremendous load-bearing strength with minimal maintenance requirements? Our concrete weighbridge deck presents the ideal solution.

The CTS 2.0 Concrete Weighbridge stands out as a product developed and introduced in 2020 by Essae Digitronics’ Research & Development department. Endorsed by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) under the Government of India, this bridge is meticulously fashioned to cater to the specific demands of Essae’s perceptive clientele.

Concrete weigh bridges account for over 60% of Truck Scales in Western and European markets. Their superiority over traditional steel decks becomes evident in their exceptional stability and resilience against the impact of truck loads, along with their ability to fend off corrosive and contaminating surroundings. These attributes significantly contribute to elongating the platform’s lifespan, a factor prone to degradation over time.


Our concrete decks facilitate the handling of bulk materials, offering a design that prioritizes streamlined installation, maintenance, and operation, even in corrosive and saline environments.

Our monthly production capacity reaches up to 150 Truck Scales..

Essae Concrete Truck Scales span capacities ranging from 10 to 150 tons, encompassing platform dimensions from 2m x 2m to 25m x 6m.

Our manufacturing process employs cutting-edge machinery to ensure that quality is ingrained at every step. This production system is designed to uphold unwavering dedication to product performance and to enhance responsiveness to customer requirements. With an extensive portfolio of over 4000 installations nationwide, we are well-equipped to offer expert guidance on selecting the optimal weighbridge type tailored to your site conditions and operational objectives.


Enabling manufacturers to win

Robust Modular Design: On-site poured modules for concrete, tailored for aggressive environments.

High Strength Construction: Steel-concrete blend offers exceptional protection against corrosive conditions.

Easy Load Cell Maintenance: Accessible cells simplify inspection and servicing procedures.

Space-Saving Low Profile: 440mm height saves space and construction expenses.

Versatile Variants: Available in pit type and pitless type variants to suit different site requirements.

Wide Capacity Range: Capacities from 10 to 100 tons and platform lengths from 4m to 18m.

Quick Assembly and Relocation: Modular design enables easy transport and setup.

Corrosion Resistance: Rust and corrosion-resistant design for longevity, suitable for harsh environments.

Models with features

Pit Weighbridge
Pitless Weighbridge
  • Platform size 7.5m x 3m
    Capacity ( in tons) 40, 50, 40, 50
    407/31 407/31
    407/31 407/31
    SFC 609 SFC 609
    Se1510A/32 Se1510A/32
    SE 1510/32 SE 1510/32
    LPT 1510/31 LPT 1510/31
    LPT1510A/32 LPT1510A/32
    L1210D/32 Haulage L1210D/32 Haulage
  • Platform size 9m x 3m
    Capacity ( in tons) 40, 50, 60, 40, 50, 60

    LPT 1612/48L1210D/32 Haulage407/31LPT 1612/48L1210D/32 Haulage407/31LPT 1612/48L1210D/32 Haulage407/31LPT 1612/48L1210D/32 Haulage407/31

    LPT 1510/36 & LPT 1510A/36TUSKER 13C 47SK 1612/36
    LPT 1510/36 & LPT 1510A/36CARGO 75.12LPS 1616/32 + STP-2-35
    LPT 1510/48 & LPT 1510A/48CARGO 1614 & CARGO 909 
    SE 1510/36 & SE 1510A/36COMET 1611 
    SE 1510/42 & SE 1510A/42AL-CO 3/1 & 3/2 Haulage 
    SE 1510/48 & SE 1510A/48BEAVER AL-B 1/1 Haulage 
    LPT 1612/42HIPPO AL-H 1/4 Tractor 
    LPT 2213 & LPT 2416  
    LPT 1613, LPT 709/34 & LPT 709/38  
    L1210D/36 & L1210D/42  
  • Platform size 12m x 3m
    Capacity ( in tons) 50, 60, 100
    All FM & FH seriesACTROS 4841KLPS1616/32 +CC-2-20
      LPS 1616/32 + TC-1-10
      LPS 1616/32 + VTT-2-30
      LPS1616/32 + TSS-2-10
      LPS 1616/32 + TC-1-20
      LPS 1616/32 + TSS-2-10
  • Platform size 15m x 3m
    Capacity ( in tons) 50, 60, 100, 120
    All FM & FH seriesACTROS 4841KLPS1616/32 + LB-1-25
      LPS 1616/32 + FB-1-20
      LPS 1616/32 + LB-1-20
      LPS 1616/32 + FB-1-10
      LPS 1616/32 + TSS-3-40
      LPS 1616/32 + SSFR-2-50
      LPS 1616/32 + TSS-3-30

    LPS 1616/32 + LPS 1616/32 + STN-2-40

  • Platform size 18m x 3m
    Capacity ( in tons) 60, 100, 120, 150
    All FM & FH seriesACTROS 4841KLPS1616/32 +SSF-2-40
      LPS 1616/32 +SSFR-2-60
      LPS 1616/32 +STN-2-25
      LPS 1616/32 + FB-2-40
      LPS 1616/32 +CC-2-40
      LPS 1616/32 +FB-2-25
      LPS1616/32 + TSS-2-20
      LPS 1616/32 + TU-4-40
      LPS 1616/32 + STP-2-35
      LPS 1616/32 + SSF-2-25
      LPS 1616/32 + TU-4-30
      LPS 1616/32 + DDF-2-20

Construction Process of   Weighbridge

Step 1

Civil Construction

Step 2

Assembly of Beams

Step 3

Wielding of Base Sheets

Step 4

Laying of

Step 5

Concrete Pouring & Leveling

Step 6

Installing the Load cells

Seven Key Differentiators

  • 100% Guaranteed Accuracy

    Each load cell of a weighbridge is calibrated & tested to full capacity at the plant before being sent to site.

  • Superior Manufacturing Practices
    Plasma Cutting
    Superior Steel
    Shot Blasting
    MIG Wielding
    Red-oxide Coating
    Epoxy Paint
  • Best-in-class Indicator
    • Factory calibration restore function
    • Standalone operations possible without connecting to PC
    • Over 20,000 records can be stored, processed and retrieved facilitating an effective truck data management
    • RS232, RS485, Ethernet and networking interface
    • Standard alphanumeric keypad for faster data entry
    • Can be directly connected to the printer
    • PS2 keyboard connectivity (Optional)
  • Double Ended Shear Beam Load cells
    • Self-checking & center loaded single link design
    • Eliminates Friction & Provides Free movement in horizontal position
    • Unique Mounting system- protects the Load cells from Side load Shocks
    • Eliminates excess movements of the platform
    • Pendulum action of the link automatically centers itself
  • Lightening Protector
    • Protects loads cells against transient surges caused by lightening
    • Repeated Auto re-setting operation without maintenance
    • Reliable protection through high surge absorption capacity
    • No effect on system accuracy
  • WeighSoft Enterprise
    • Supports Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL, SYBASE, POSTGRE SQL
    • Online, Offline, & Single Point ticket transactions
    • User can define data fields to captured for the ticket
    • Allows entry of Material, Supplier, Vehicle, & shift details
    • User can create formula fields
    • View reports based on specific queries
    • Well defined security mechanism for different levels of users
    • Web Camera Integration
    • Compatible to ERP/SAP
  • After-sales Support
    • Over 86 Service Engineers across the country
    • 93% of ESSAE installations can be reached within 3hrs
    • Central Repository of Customer Information
    • Follow-up and automatic escalations till customer tickets are closed
    • Call Centre with ONE contact number across the country to manage customer concerns

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