Redundant Weighing Terminal


Low Cost Solution for Instant & Frequent Accuracy Checks

AccuTROLL is a portable trolley designed for frequent accuracy checks on weighbridges. Its predetermined weight display and configurable options (4 x 1000kg or 6 x 1000kg) enable easy comparison with weigh bridge measurements. Equipped with Ackermann steering and terrain-adaptable wheels, it offers maneuverability over various surfaces. Certified by a Regional Reference Standard Laboratory, each weight includes a calibration certificate from the Department of Consumer Affairs for reliable verification. AccuTROLL ensures precise and hassle-free weighbridge assessments for peace of mind.


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AccuTROLL is designed to perform quick and frequent accuracy checks on weigh bridges. This suggests that it's used to verify the accuracy of weight measurements for vehicles or objects placed on a weigh bridge.


The trolley is safely towable by various types of equipment such as tractors and cranes. This portability likely enhances its convenience and ease of use.

Predetermined Weight Display

The trolley provides a predetermined weight display. This feature allows users to compare the weight measurement obtained from the weigh bridge with the known weight on the trolley, enabling accuracy assessment.


AccuTROLL is available in different configurations, specifically in 4 x 1000kg or 6 x 1000kg options. This suggests that it can carry multiple standardized weights simultaneously for calibration and verification purposes.

Steering and Maneuverability

The trolley is equipped with Ackermann steering, which makes it easy to maneuver over the weigh bridge platform. This likely contributes to its user-friendliness during operation.

Terrain Compatibility

The trolley features spring-loaded high-density polyurethane wheels that allow it to travel on various terrains. This could be useful for scenarios where the weigh bridge is situated in different environments.

Standard Compliance

AccuTROLL's standard weight has been approved by a Regional Reference Standard Laboratory (RRSL). This indicates that the trolley's calibration and standardized weight have been verified by a reputable authority.

Calibration Certificate

The Department of Consumer Affairs provides a calibration certificate for each weight. This certificate likely serves as documentation of the trolley's accuracy and compliance with standards.

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