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Essae Weighbridge in the Steel, Mines, Cement and Logistics Industries:

Essae Digitronics is a leading manufacturer of weighbridges and has an extensive range of precision weighing solutions. In the Steel, Mines, Cement and Logistics sectors, the importance of precise weighing solutions can provide several advantages:

Quantitative Accuracy

 In industries like steel and mining, precision is paramount. Essae weighbridges ensure that the exact quantity of mined resources or steel products are accounted for, minimizing discrepancies.

Optimized Resource Utilization

In mining, accurate weighing can help in determining the efficiency of resource extraction, ensuring that there's minimal wastage.

Safe Transportation

Overloaded vehicles can be hazardous, especially in terrains common to mining. Weighbridges help in maintaining safe weight limits, ensuring the safety of both the vehicle and the driver.

Regulatory Compliance

The mining and steel industries are often subject to stringent regulations, including weight limits for transported goods. Weighbridges ensure that these businesses stay compliant, avoiding potential fines or sanctions.

Cost Efficiency in Logistics

Accurate weighing ensures that transportation in the logistics chain is optimized. Vehicles that are neither underloaded nor overloaded ensure fuel efficiency and reduced wear and tear.

Loss Prevention

In the logistics industry, ensuring that the weight of goods remains consistent throughout the transportation chain can highlight potential areas of loss or theft.

Revenue Assurance

For businesses operating within these industries, accurate weighing ensures that billing, whether for services or goods, is based on precise measurements, leading to fair pricing and revenue assurance.

Streamlined Operations

Integrated with modern software solutions, weighbridges can provide real-time data insights, aiding in operational efficiency and timely decision-making.

Solutions We Offer

Silo Weighing Systems

Precision for Efficient Inventory Management. Our systems provide real-time weight data for accurate silo material tracking and streamlined operations

  • Food Grains
  • Edible Plant Extractions
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Bio-fuels

Grain Management Systems

Elevate grain storage with precision and efficiency. Our systems ensure quality and value through automated monitoring and control.

  • Rice Mills
  • Process Management

Automated Weighing Systems

We've been dedicated to delivering top-notch Automatic Weighing Solutions for over 25 years

  • Engineering Industries
  • Corporates


Elevating Engineering and Beyond. Unmatched precision, optimal processes, essential for modern industries. 

  • Engineering Industries

Problem Statement – RIM

If rail weighbridges are not in place, it can result in several problems, including:


Trains carrying more weight than allowed can cause damage to tracks, bridges, and other infrastructure, leading to increased maintenance costs and decreased safety.

Compliance issues

Without accurate weight measurements, railway companies may not be in compliance with regulations and safety standards set by governing bodies.

Revenue loss

Overloading can also result in loss of revenue for the railway company as they may not be able to charge customers for the correct weight of their cargo.

Inefficient logistics

Without accurate weight measurements, it can be difficult to optimize train load and composition, leading to inefficiencies in logistics and supply chain management.

Reduced confidence in the railway system

The lack of accurate weight measurement can reduce confidence in the railway system and the safety of the cargo being transported.

Having accurate and reliable rail weighbridges in place helps ensure the safe and efficient operation of the railway system, and helps mitigate these potential problems.

Solution Statement-RIM

Accurate weight measurement

Rail weighbridges provide accurate and reliable weight measurements for railcars, helping to ensure compliance with weight restrictions and regulations.

Increased safety

Proper weight measurement helps to prevent overloading of railcars, which can lead to dangerous train derailments and other accidents.

Improved efficiency

By accurately measuring the weight of railcars, rail weighbridges can help optimize train loading, reducing the risk of delays and increasing operational efficiency.

Cost savings

By accurately measuring the weight of railcars, rail weighbridges can help reduce the cost of train operations, such as fuel and maintenance expenses.

Better resource management: Rail weighbridges can help to monitor and track the weight of railcars over time, providing valuable data for resource planning and management.

They are very efficient in installation, and they are punctual. The performance of the weighbridge is excellent. The product is fantastic, and its accuracy is also outstanding. There is no chance of water entering the pit. Thank you.

Rajesh Rajan

Project & Operation Head

Essae is producing efficient and high-quality weighbridges, giving very good services to all the customers. I am very satisfied with the service and quality of the weighbridge.

S S Mallikarjun

Managing Director

We are a big Fan of Essae we are using it more than 10 years. I will recommend everyone to go to Essae weighbridge, it is really good when compared to other weighbridges. The major thing what we like is its accuracy and long life. Service is very good and responding on time and very quick.

Rangashree Kar

Managing Director


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