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Essae Weighbridge in the Construction, Infrastructure, and Toll Industry

Essae Digitronics is a renowned manufacturer of weighbridges and various precision weighing solutions. In the Construction, Infrastructure, and Toll sectors, the benefits of precise weighing solutions are numerous:

Accurate Load Measurements

In construction and infrastructure projects, accurately measuring loads is crucial for safety and efficiency. Overloading or underloading vehicles can compromise structural integrity and result in increased costs.

Efficient Material Management

With accurate weighing, construction sites can better manage and track the intake and outflow of raw materials, ensuring timely project completion and optimized resource utilization.

Compliance with Regulations

For construction vehicles, there are weight limits to prevent road damage and ensure safety. Weighbridges ensure vehicles stay within these limits, avoiding potential legal implications.

Optimized Logistics

In infrastructure projects, logistics is paramount. Weighbridges can ensure vehicles are loaded optimally for maximum efficiency in transportation, saving time and fuel costs.

Revenue Assurance in Tolls

For toll operations, weighbridges can ensure that vehicles are charged appropriately based on their weight class, preventing revenue leakage.

Reduction in Wear and Tear

Overloaded vehicles deteriorate faster and can damage roads. By ensuring accurate loading, weighbridges indirectly contribute to the longevity of vehicles and road infrastructure.

Data-Driven Decisions:

Integrated with software solutions, weighbridges can offer real-time data analytics, helping decision-makers in the construction and toll industries make informed choices.

Inaccuracy of say ton of material weighted 50/kg per ton

Assuming such transaction 15per day

You would be loosing

75000/-, Per day

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Case Studies

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They are very efficient in installation, and they are punctual. The performance of the weighbridge is excellent. The product is fantastic, and its accuracy is also outstanding. There is no chance of water entering the pit. Thank you.

Rajesh Rajan

Project & Operation Head

We are a big Fan of Essae we are using it more than 10 years. I will recommend everyone to go to Essae weighbridge, it is really good when compared to other weighbridges. The major thing what we like is its accuracy and long life. Service is very good and responding on time and very quick.

Rangashree Kar

Managing Director

We are using weighbridge for the last 18-20 yrs, and it is very rugged, rigid, and accurate, working very nicely. We have recommended Essae weighbridge to our new project, which will start this year, and also recommended it for raw material supplied to Dalmia. Accuracy-wise and manufacturing-wise, there is no changes requirement. We are very satisfactory for the service from Essae people. Whenever we call them, they are easily available. Hence, we don’t have any problems.

Satish Patel

Since 2002

We are using Essae weighbridge from last 13-15yrs, Essae is very good weighbridge, till date we have not faced any issue, If there is any issue it is cleared on the same day. So we have recommended to all the customers to use Essae weighbridge.

Deepak Kumar Gupta

Asst Manager


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