Granite Weighing Solutions

Granite Excellence Weighed to Precision


A Granite Block Weighing System is specialized equipment designed for

accurately measuring the weight of large granite blocks. Granite blocks find common use in construction, architecture, and various industries due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. However, accurately determining the weight of these blocks is crucial for transportation, quality control, and various logistical reasons.

The Granite Block Weighing System represents a technically advanced and innovative weighing solution, particularly tailored for the ‘Granite Industry.’ It plays a pivotal role in accurately determining the weight of hefty granite blocks, which is indispensable for the various industries reliant on these materials. Furthermore, it contributes to the enhancement of efficiency, logistics, and quality control processes within the granite industry.


  • Designed to meet safety of life at sea (SOLAS) Verified  Gross Mass ( VGM ) and NAHI Regulations
  • Place and use ready weighing system for granite blocks
  • Approved by legal metrology department
  • Available in customized sizes and capacities
  • Exact quantity of block can be loaded into truck
  • Protect profits by paying for the right weight
  • Full transparency of each blocks
  • No weight disputes with suppliers / customers thereby building long trust
  • Saves time and fuel for truck travelling to public weighbridge location


  • Innovative orthogonally isotropic modular design 
  • Designed for CLC concentrated load capacity of 40,000kg
  • Fabricated using 410MPa high tensile steel compared to  250MPa mild steel
  • Fully welded modules using high tensile welding wires offers rigidity to platformModular concept to offer easy  installation, mobility and platform  extension
  • A sleek design requires shorter ramps.
  • Design proof checked and approved by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • Raft foundation helps in low cost of ownership

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