Weighbridges play a vital role in weighing the weight of goods and vehicles transported from one place to another. It is required to improve the efficiency of operations, and productivity for legal compliance.

Essae Digitronics has been a leading weighbridge manufacturer in India for the past four decades. 

Here are five innovative solutions provided by Essae Digitronics.

1. Automatic Weighing System: The Automatic Weighing System is an advanced solution for industries such as logistics, transportation, agriculture, mining, waste management, and manufacturing. It reduces the time required for weighing, reduces labor costs, and avoids human data input errors. The system automatically identifies the vehicle using an RFID system and has boom barriers and safety sensors. Snapshots of the truck are provided through a high-resolution surveillance camera.

2. Crusher Production Management System (CPMS): The Crusher Production Management System (CPMS) is specialized software meant to simplify and enhance daily operations and decision-making for plant owners. It plays a vital role in optimizing operations, reducing cost, and safety, and ensuring quality assurance. It integrates all essential modules such as machinery, accounting, warehouse, production manufacturing, and labor management into a single platform. The system allows for real-time monitoring of crusher plant processes, ensuring efficient and high-quality production.

3. Intelligent Weighing Terminal (IWT): The Intelligent Weighing Terminal (IWT) is a solution from Essae that does away with the need for a computer to manage weighbridge operations. It has a touch-based user interface for easy operations, supports IP cameras (up to three cameras), SMS options using SMS gateways and SMS devices, and can add simple formulas. It provides customized fields and different customized report options.

4. Silo Weighing Systems: Silo Weighing Systems are meant for chemical industries, pharma industries, agricultural industries, sugar factories, and other process industries. It helps in weighing raw materials, goods in process, and finished products. It is meant to stop pilferage, control the movement of material, and prevent human error and other frauds. The silo weighing system provides live data on the material being filled in a silo and the exact material available at any given point in time.

5. Granite Weighing Solutions: The Granite Weighing Solutions helps in accurately measuring large granite blocks used in architecture and various industries. It is a technically advanced and innovative weighing solution. It complies with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Verified Gross Mass (VGM), and NAHI Regulations. It helps in loading the exact quantity of granite block into the truck.

Essae Digitronics is a leading manufacturer of weighbridges and innovative weighbridge solutions for the industry. Reach us at www.essaedig.com.