Silo Weighing Systems are used in certain industries for weighing the incoming raw material, processed material, output or waste generated in the manufacturing process.  

Here are the five key benefits of Silo Weighing systems in agriculture and engineering.

 1. Precision Measurement: Whether it is livestock or food grains accurate measurements help in efficient management of farming operations. Silos and tanks used by farmers to store grains could be weighed automatically without the need for guessing stock levels. Animal feed, animal weight, and farm produce weight can be accurately measured using silo weighing systems. In the case of livestock, farmers can ensure that animals receive necessary nutrients and maintain good health.

In the engineering industry, precise measurement of materials is vital for batching processes. Only the correct amounts should be used in the production.

2. Legal Compliance: Farmers can ensure legal compliance with silo systems as it enables accurate measurement of goods sold. Weighing errors can lead to imposition of penalties by regulators and customer complaints. Overloading in engineering processes can lead to structural failures and failure to adhere to compliance regulations.

3. Material Management & Operational Efficiency: It helps farmers manage the stock levels better by efficient use of grain or livestock feed. Better material management also helps in cost savings for engineering projects. Silo weighing systems are built to be resistant to inclement weather, ensuring consistency of operations and protection of stored material. Silo weighing systems enable customisation to suit various applications. It helps meet the various engineering applications. The materials that can be handled in silo tanks and bins include food and drink ingredients, fertilizers, paint, concrete and cement, biomass pellets, plastic pellets, mined and mineral products and more.

4. Data Analytics: Weighing data can be collected and analyzed for trends, forecasting demands and optimizing resources. Risks associated with unpredictable weather, market volatility, and pest attacks can be prevented. Grains can be stored safely until market conditions improve. Real-time monitoring of data helps in maintaining the quality of stored materials and helps in decision-making.

5. Workplace Safety: Accurate data generation prevents overfilling of material and enhances workplace safety. Silo structures are built with adherence to international safety standards related to the structural safety of steel and aluminium structures thereby preventing accidents and meeting regulatory standards.

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