A steel weighbridge is used for weighing trucks. The platform and support structure of the weighing scales are built using steel. It is a preferred choice for the steel, cement, and mining industries. 

Here are the five reasons why steel weighbridges are preferred in these industries:

1. Easy Installation: Steel weighbridges are easier to install than concrete bridges. Prefabricated steel sections can be easily fixed, reducing the installation time, costs, and civil works required for concrete weighbridges.  It can be calibrated and installed in a day. Steel bridges coated with anti-corrosion paint and coating can withstand harsh environments and are not as susceptible to cracking or deterioration as concrete weighbridges.  In the steel industry, weighbridges are expected to handle heavy weights of steel coils, beams, and other products. 

In the case of the cement industry, the platform has to withstand trucks with huge loads of cement bags, which can be handled more easily by steel weighbridges. Likewise, the mining industry requires a robust platform for weighing rocks, coal, and minerals, for which steel weighbridges are good enough.

Steel weighbridges come in surface-mounted and pit-mounted varieties. And depending on the location and space, companies can choose either of the two.

2. Lightweight and durable: Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it durable even though it is lighter than concrete weighbridges. Modular design, aesthetics and

3. Portable: Concrete weighbridges are permanent structures, while steel weighbridges can be relocated as the decks can be easily removed and fixed elsewhere.  They are easier to disassemble and transport to various locations.

4. Inspection & Maintenance: Steel weighbridges require less maintenance compared to other weighbridges. Inspection of steel weighbridges is much easier as the surface is smooth and cracks will be easily visible.

5. Efficiency of Operations & Scalability:  From assembling on site to installation, steel weighbridges require less time. Downtime is minimised due to shorter maintenance schedules and faster repairs. Additional modules can be added in the future to adjust the platform size for larger vehicles. Steel weighbridges are also environmentally friendly and can be recycled at the end of their lives. Steel weighbridges also score better on precision and accuracy, making them an ideal investment for certain industries.

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