Portable weigh pads are a lightweight, easy-to-carry, and convenient solution for the industry. They do not require any civil work for installation, and they usually work in any environment. Essae Digitronics, the leading supplier of weighbridge and scale solutions for the past three decades, provides weigh pads that can weigh lorries, vans, and HGVs up to axle loads of 40 tonnes.

Here are five tips for weighing trucks using Essae weigh pads, ensuring precision weighing:

Level Surface: The weigh pads are lightweight at 19 kg each. It can be used without civil work, but ensure to keep it on a level surface. The weigh pads have a height of only 27 mm, and drivers can effortlessly move the vehicle over them. Align the weigh pads correctly with the wheels of the vehicle to get an accurate reading.

Calibration and Maintenance: Regularly calibrate the weigh pads to ensure the accuracy of measurements. It has to be done as per manufacturer guidelines. Check for damage, wear, or malfunctions. Addressing these concerns could ensure consistency and reliability of performance from weigh pads each time they are used.

Calibration Procedures: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and user manual for calibration, especially the set-up and procedures. It may contain troubleshooting tips and how to handle different types of vehicles.

Safety: Ensure the area around the weigh pad is clear and without obstacles. Follow safety protocols, such as using wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from moving during the weighing process. It is essential for the safety of personnel and equipment.

Software Integration: Weigh pads can be integrated with software systems for data management and analysis. It can streamline the weighing process and provide easy access to weight data for record-keeping and compliance purposes. Real-time data transfer capabilities and automated recording features contribute to operational efficiency. This integration streamlines data analysis, making it easier to track trends, generate reports, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Invest in user training to maximize the benefits of software integration, empowering personnel to utilize these tools effectively.

Proper training of personnel involved in the weighing process, periodic calibration of the pads, maintenance, and servicing as per guidelines can help the portable devices function perfectly. It helps in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of operations.
Essae Weighpads are designed for strength, durability, and reliability, ensuring precise responses with high frequency and accuracy. Essae Digitronics has been India’s leading manufacturer of weighbridges and weigh pads and has been in the industry for nearly three decades. Get in touch with us to learn more.