Weighbridges play an important role in assessing the weight of goods transported from one place to another and also the gross weight of the vehicle. It helps prevent underloading, and overloading, optimize transportation and logistics costs, and ensure the safety of drivers.

Essae Digitronics, the leading manufacturer of weighbridge solutions in India, has seven innovative weighing solutions useful for the industry:

Automatic Weighing Solution: Automatic Weighing Systems (AWS) is an advanced solution for the efficient weighing of goods for such industries as logistics, transportation, agriculture, mining, waste management, and manufacturing. It reduces manual labor and also data entry errors that are likely with conventional weighing systems.

AccuTROL: AccuTROL is a solution meant for quick and frequent accuracy checks on weighbridges. It is a portable trolley with a predetermined weight and display and configurable options (4 x1000 kg or 6 x 1000 kg) for enabling easy comparison with weighbridge measurements.

Crusher Production Management System: The Crusher Production Management System helps enhance the efficiency, safety, and profitability of mining operations. The software solution integrates the operations of Machinery, Accounting, Warehouse, Production and Manufacturing, and Labour Management, into a single platform.

The IWT-186 Weighing Controller: The Intelligent Weighing Terminal is a 15″ wide Colour Touch Screen Display used for automation of weighbridge operation without a computer. It has a touch-based user interface for ease of operation. Customization, user privileges, email, and SMS options are provided.

Silo Weighing Systems: The Silo Weighing System enables easy weight management displaying the live weight of material being processed in various industries. This includes chemical, pharma, agricultural, sugar, and allied industries.  

Granite Block Weighing System: The Granite Block Weighing System helps to accurately measure the weight of large granite blocks used in construction and various industries. This is an innovative solution adhering to NAHI regulations and is approved by the Legal Metrology Department. It saves time and effort for moving the loaded truck to a public weighbridge station.

Wheel Loader Weighing Solutions: The wheel loader weighing solutions is an advanced weighing system for bulk materials with an accuracy of 0.5 to 2%. The materials can be weighed on both static and dynamic conditions with a maximum weighing capacity of 5000 kgs. Among the features include temperature and slope compensated dynamic weighing mode, LED backlights and keypad, easy to read display showing bucket load and accumulated load. It is easy to install and use with a proven sensor-based weighing technology.

Essae Digitronics is India’s largest manufacturer of weighbridge for various industries with several thousand satisfied customers. To know more about our products and solutions, get in touch with us at www.essaedig.com