Overloading of trucks can cause damage to vehicles as well as roads, bridges, and underground services. Investing in an appropriate axle weighing machine can help reduce overloading, and improve fuel economy, and wear and tear of the vehicle. There are weighbridge solutions available for different types of businesses. Axle weigh pads are used to know the weights of individual axles and the total gross weight of any vehicle. They are used in pairs -one pad for the left-hand wheels and the other for the right.

Here is a guide to choosing the right axle-weighing solution:

Portable Axle Weighers

Portable axle-weighing machines are suitable for light vans and two-axle vehicles. Heavy-duty in-motion scales are used for assessing the weight of multi-axle vehicles. The portable axle weighers are good to ensure fleet compliance and prevent overloading and underloading. These can weigh loads from 1-50 tons per axle. Portable axle weigh pad solutions are priced lower and have several features that help companies set up a weighing station for traffic.

Fixed Axle Weigher

Fixed axle weights are good for measuring the axle weights dynamically or statically. There are numerous solutions available in this category. There are those with autonomous controls with integration into barriers and traffic lights. Fixed axle weight gives a more accurate measurement of the vehicle axle both statically and dynamically. Bespoke software solutions can capture the data and store it in the server or cloud. In cases where the vehicle load is within the gross vehicle weight limits, the load may still exceed the axle load limits. Fixed Axle weights can accurately measure such variables and help the management to keep the weights within limits. 

Semi-Permanent Axle Weighing System

This is not a very common weighing solution and used two weigh pads. It has a specialized frame that is fixed to the ground. The vehicles may be driven dynamically over them. It is a good alternative to the in-ground solution and doesn’t entail additional costs for digging holes on the floor.

The customers have a choice of weigh pads based on their size and functions which include centre of gravity measurement and independent axle weight checking. The three solutions given above have their advantages and disadvantages. A company must decide on the appropriate choice based on requirements, cost, and space. When these machines are aligned with a software solution and data stored on servers or the cloud, it helps the company attain