Weighbridges used for measuring the weight of incoming and outgoing vehicles help the industry save costs and improve productivity. It helps businesses ensure operations at maximum efficiency and productivity. It helps businesses ensure operations at maximum efficiency and productivity. Essae Digitronics provides reliable weighbridge products and weighing solutions for agriculture, construction, infrastructure, steel, mines, logistics, and more industries. 

Essae weighbridges have a reputation for reliability and accuracy. How is it possible to maintain accuracy consistently?

Load Bearing Capacity: 

Essae Weighbridges, whether they are steel or concrete, are capable of handling heavy loads, which is necessary for accuracy. The use of superior steel boosts sectional efficiency, boosting load-bearing capacity.

Precision Manufacturing: 

The use of advanced machinery and stringent quality standards are vital for reliable performance. The use of aerospace-grade material with anti-overload capability and strength adds to the durability of weigh pads, even though they are lightweight and easily carried in our hands.

Pre-delivery Calibration: 

Rigorous testing ensures accurate measurements right from the installation stage. Each load cell in a weighbridge is calibrated and tested to full capacity at the plant before being sent to the site.

Double-ended shear beam load cells: 

The use of double-ended shear beam load cells eliminates friction and provides free movement in horizontal positions.

Best-in-Class Indicator: 

Essae Indicators have a variety of features that make them versatile for use in the industry. It stores over 20,000 records. It has RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and a networking interface. It also enables standalone operations without being connected to a PC.

Superior Manufacturing Practices: 

The use of plasma cutting, superior steel, shot blasting, MIG welding, ND-testing, red oxide coating, and epoxy paint guarantees the quality of weigh scales. It provides strength and durability and makes them corrosion-free. Depending on the product and industry requirements, each type of weighing solution is designed for reliability in measurements. The weigh pads are built with a flat plate design. It helps deliver precise responses with high frequency and accuracy.

Superior Electronics: 

In a digitally driven product, the use of superior electronics helps ensure guaranteed accuracy. In weigh rails, the use of DIP-based, very high-speed signal processing helps in the accurate measurement of in-motion diesel or electric locos. 

Essae Digitronics, the leading weighbridge manufacturer in India with thousands of installations and satisfied customers, also provides a warranty against unexpected defects and issues. This ensures trouble-free operations for a lifetime. Get in touch with us to know more.