Weighbridges are very efficient when it comes to weighing various heavy goods vehicles, which can make your business efficient. However, to keep the health of the weighbridges in optimum condition, it is important to make sure that these weighbridges are maintained on a regular basis. If the weighbridges are not maintained efficiently, then it is possible that they may have malfunctioning issues and this may in turn affect the output of your company. 

Also, weighbridges are used for getting accurate weight measurements and that can only be done if they are maintained properly. Here is a small and quick guide that will help you figure out how to maintain your weighbridge.

Daily Checks

A visual inspection of the pit below the weighbridge is very important to check if there is any kind of build up of mud or dirt or water there. This may hamper the performance and the functionality of the weighbridge which can affect the accuracy of the weighbridge as well.

Also, keep an eye on the space between the weighbridge superstructure and the grown beneath it. For it to work properly, this space is very important. 

Weekly Inspection

The mechanics of the weighbridge should be checked every week. To check the mechanism, you can simply record a measurement of a vehicle on one side of the weighbridge, then in the middle, and then at another end. If the difference in the weights of these measurements is small, then it can be neglected, but if the difference is more than three divisions, then you need to get your weighbridge repaired from a technician, who has expertise in repairing weighbridges.

Also, if you find that any unwanted material has collected in any part of the weighbridge, then make sure you remove it on time but also while removing it, safeguard the cables in it. if needed, you can ask an expert for help.

Monthly Routine

Every month, make sure that you give your weighbridge a proper wash with a jet washer. This helps in removing all the dirt and enhances the accuracy of the weighbridge as well. But while doing so, make sure that you don’t hit any load cells and the water does not reach the junction box.

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