Agriculture is the primary sector in every economy, providing food, and nutrition essential for the survival of humankind. There are several industries associated with it or providing a supporting role. They may be called agro-industries that provide seeds, manure, or pesticide and processing industries. Just as in any other industry accuracy in weighing inputs, processed goods and output is critical for the agricultural industry as well.

Accuracy in weighing helps in legal compliance and standards and helps in inventory management and yield tracking. Accurate weighing of output helps in making forecasts for the future. Accuracy in measuring feeds and other inputs helps reduce wastage and increase return on investment. Fairtrade can be promoted in agriculture only through correct weights and measurements. Overloading and underloading of vehicles can be avoided with quality weighbridge. Therefore, the agricultural industry is always looking for weighing scales or bridges that meet their requirements.

Essae Digitronicsis a pioneer in weighbridge manufacturing in the country with over 16000+ installations across industries. Essae Digitronics agriculture and engineering weighbridge and solutions help in getting fair prices for farmers and processors, help in efficient logistics, and maximize profits for the industry.


Here are three success stories of the implementation of Essae weighbridge in the agricultural sector in the country:


1. CRP Cashew, Pollachi: The company has cashew factories that process imported raw cashew nuts basically for export. According to CR Sakthivel, owner of the company, they deal with 4000 to 5000 tonnes of imported raw cashew every year. Accuracy in weighing raw input and processed output is an essential requirement for the industry. Cashew is an expensive product and therefore revenue and return on investment depend on accuracy in weighing, promotion of fair trade, and meeting regulatory compliance concerning imports and exports. Since 2016, the company has been utilizing 50 tons of Weighbridge capacity. “We needed a good weighbridge and sought proposals from various manufacturers. “Essae was found to be good in terms of cost and quality,” Sakthivel pointed out.


2. DashrathPrasad Fertilizers Pvt Ltd: DashrathPrasad Fertilizers Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad is a leading player in the fertilizers, mining, and engineering industry in India. Their business is spread over India, South Africa, Zambia and Namibia. They have been manufacturing various grades of mixed NPK granulated fertilizer under the brand name of “Fertinova ” and have three plants located in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

DashrathPrasad Fertilizers Ltd has been using a 50-metric tonne weighbridge purchased in 2009 from Essae Digitronics. According to Krishna NV, Director of the company, the machine has been running very smoothly without any trouble and contributing to the company’s efficiency. “Apart from that, we have purchased 150 kg of four machines and a 30 kg machine. All of them are working properly, the company provides good service at all times.”


3. Agri chemicals: Agri Chemicals, Mumbai is a leading multinational company engaged in pesticide, fertilizer, and other agricultural chemical manufacturing. For our group companies in Africa, we have chosen Essae, and because of service and durability, 26 installations from 80 to 120 tons. 3 to 3.6 meters for our trailers, Kalpesh Shah. Even at night time, the service is available as we work in different time zones.


Essae Digitronics agricultural solutions are available for rice mills, sugar mills, pulses, wheat, fertilizer, plastic granules, edible plant extractions, chemicals, and fertilizers, and biofuels. Among the sectors catered to by Essae include poultry, cotton processing, non-edible plant extractions, edible plant extractions, dairies, and seafood. Solutions offered by Essae include Accutrol, automated weighing systems, bagging systems, silo weighing systems, and grain management systems. Reach us at