Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO TS 16949:2009 certified company with five divisions and three manufacturing sites. The main business focus is making and selling truck scales, and transient weighing products.

Essae has been serving customers’ satisfaction for 25+ years now. We are the leading manufacturers of weighbridges in India, with 12,000 plus installations and a presence in 80 locations across the country. The highly skilled team of 130 and more skilled and experienced engineers is committed to the company vision, which is to protect the profits of the customers.

A Humane Philosophy That Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction:

  • Respect humanity and harness the full potential of human beings.
  • Provide leadership and commitment towards customer delight and strive towards customer loyalty.
  • Essae Digitronics is synonymous to “excellence.”
  • Enhance the quality of life for all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, and society at large.
  • Enhance systems and processes to attain world-class standards.
  • Adopt and excel at using the latest technologies for manufacturing and supply.

How does Essae strive for customer satisfaction?

Quality policies and certification: Essae Digitronics’ compass is obsessed with the quality of products and services in order to achieve customer loyalty and the prosperity of all business associates through total quality.

Team: Essae team leaders exceed their performance roles and push ahead to be role models for the team members. Teamwork and diversity define success in terms of striving to meet customer satisfaction.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is the backbone of any contemporary enterprise. There have been substantial investments in machinery, production expertise, and evaluation instruments to ensure the quality of products and services that meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Environment, Health, and Safety Policy: Essae Digitronics is committed to preserving the environment and providing our stakeholders with a safe and healthy workplace. The following policies ensure the same:

  • Comply with the legal requirements.
  • Create an environment free from occupational hazards and accidents.
  • Conserve natural resources and minimize waste generation and emissions.
  • Continuously improve our EHS performance.
  • OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

R&D: The Department of Industrial Research recognizes Essae’s full-fledged R&D division with reason. Qualified R&D personnel manages and maintain it while continuously innovating and upgrading it to meet the diverse needs of various manufacturing segments.

With all the measures that Essae has taken to ensure the best quality weighbridges and automatic weighing solutions for various industry sectors, it does not come as a surprise that Essae is the leading company in manufacturing and marketing innovative and reliable weighing solutions across the country. To ensure that the weighing solutions of Essae are way above the competition, Essae employs a few key differentiators in the making of these weighbridges and weighing solutions.

The key differentiators are:

1.     100% Guaranteed Accuracy: Each load cell of a weighbridge is calibrated and tested to full capacity at the plant before being sent to the site.

2.     Superior Manufacturing Practices: Superior Steel, Plasma Cutting, MIG Welding, Shot Blasting, ND-Testing, Red-oxide Coating, and Epoxy Paint.

3.     Best-in-class indicator:

  • Factory calibrations restore function.
  • Standalone operations are possible without connecting to a PC.
  • Over 20,000 records can be stored, processed, and retrieved, facilitating effective truck data management.

4.     Double-ended shear beam load cells

  • Self-checking and center-loaded single-link design.
  • Eliminates friction and provides free movement in a horizontal position.
  • A unique mounting system protects the load cells from side-load shocks.

5.     Lightning Protector

  • Protects load cells against transient surges caused by lightning.
  • Repeated auto-resetting operations without maintenance.
  • Reliable protection through high surge absorption capacity.
  •  no effect on system accuracy.

6.     WeighSoft Enterprise

  • Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL, SYBASE, and POSTGRESQL are all supported.
  • Online, offline, and single-point ticket transactions.
  • The user can define data fields to be captured for the ticket.
  • Allows entry of material, supplier, vehicle, and shift details.

7.     After-sales Support

  • Over 130 service engineers across the country.
  • 93% of ESSAE installations can be reached within 3 hours.
  • Central repository of customer Information.
  • Follow-up and automatic escalations until customer tickets are closed.
  • Call center with two contact numbers across the country to manage customer concerns.

Client Testimonials:

All efforts and endeavors focused on 100% customer satisfaction have paid off stupendously to put Essae on a pedestal of “preferred operator by clients” across India. Here are some client testimonials that re-iterate and reflect the philosophy and vision of Essae in striving to keep customers happy:

Mr. Selvam, M/s. Rainbow Traders

Product and services they availed of Essae Weighbridges, 50 MT

Testimonial: I am doing popcorn business, and for weighment I selected Essae Weighbridge. As I found out that their weighbridge quality, accuracy, and service are the best, I went ahead and added another 9 weighbridges in my village and nearby villages. In fact, I have recommended Essae Weighbridge to so many farmers in my same business who have also gone for Essae Corn Weighbridge.

Shri C.R. Sakthivel

Sri Ramakrishna Padayachi Exports

Product and services they availed of: Essae Weighbridge 50 MT

I have been using the Essae weighbridge since 2016. We have found the Essae weighbridge to be accurate and very useful in cashew weighing. All our groundnut and jackfruit dealers are also satisfied with the weighing done on our Essae weighbridge. We hope Essae will continue to provide us with great products and excellent services.

Deepak Kumar Gupta, Asst. Manager

Essae Weighbridge: 9 x 3 m, 50 tons, since 2008

We have been using Essae W/ for the last 13–15 years. Essae is a very good weighbridge, and till date we have not faced any issues. If there is any issue, it is cleared on the same day. So we have recommended to all the customers that they use Essae W/B.

Rajesh Rajan, Project and Operation Head

Essae Weighbridge: 80 MT-Pit less

They are very efficient to install, and they are punctual. The performance of the W/B is too good. The product is fantastic, and from an accuracy point of view, it is also fantastic. There is no chance of getting water inside the pit. Thank you.

Satish Patel

18 x 3 m, 60 tons, 10 kg, since 2002.

We have been using W/B for 18–20 years, and it is very rugged, rigid, and accurate. It is working very nicely. We have recommended Essae W/b to our new project, which will start this year, and also recommended it for raw material, which we have supplied to Dalmia. From an accuracy point of view and a manufacturing point of view, there are no changes required. We are very satisfied with the service from the Essae people. Whenever we call them, they are easily available. Hence, we don’t have any problems.

Kalpesh Shah, Director

Essae Weighbridge: 80–120 MT’s

We have selected Essae W/B as a standard product because of its services, durability, and long-lasting nature. We have 26 installations in our company. We are constantly getting very good service at a reasonable price. The service team is very flexible, providing support even at night because most of our installations are outside the country.

Krishna N. V., Executive Director

50 MT since 2009

The machine is running very smoothly, is fine, and is doing well. When we have a problem and call the people, and when we book a call, the service is provided immediately. We are very attached to Essae because their reflections and movements towards us to come forward and attend this work are very sincere and very appreciable. We treat Essae as our family. The service is so good that we didn’t have any reason to change companies. Thank you very much.

Rangashree Kar, Managing Director

Essae Weighbridge, 50 tons

We are big fans of Essae; we have been using it for more than 10 years. I will recommend everyone go to Essae weighbridge; it is really good when compared to other weighbridges. The major thing we like about it is its accuracy and long life. The service is very good, and they respond on time and very quickly.

S.S. Mallikarjun, Managing Director

Using Essae Weighbridge for the last 25 years

Essae is producing efficient and high-quality weighbridges. giving very good services to all the customers. I am very satisfied with the service and quality of the weighbridge.

Vivek Hebbar, Managing Director

Using Essae Weighbridge for the last nine years

 As far as service and product quality are concerned, we are very satisfied. Service engineers are also present from time to time. Whenever there is an issue or complaint from our team, we will inform the service team, and it will be attended to within 24 hours. We are one of the satisfied customers of Essae Digitronics. Accuracy, their software, and the quality of the product—we are very satisfied.

 In conclusion, Essae Digitronics’ valued service to customers for the last 25 years has been exemplary and a combined effort of every team member’s commitment and contribution. Essae marches on ahead with its head held high in its pursuit to protect the profits of its existing clients as well as those of many more clients waiting to be included in the Essae Digitronics family.