IMMSE is organized by the Stone Quarry, Crusher & Lorry Owners Association – Tamilnadu, Mining Engineers Association of India, and Director General of Mines Safety, Tamil Nadu.

 As this is the premier mining health and safety expo event being held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – India, it promotes safety measures for mining companies to focus on effectively as well as supports trade and communication through networking and gives participants a great range of networking opportunities.

Companies involved in Mining as well as companies that manufacture Mining equipment and machinery will be attending the IMMSE 2023 to either exhibit their machinery or to understand the gaps in safety measures to focus on primarily. After all, the safety of workers, equipment, and the environment comes before profits.

Speaking about profits, Essae will be participating in the IMMSE 2023 to exhibit the best mining-related equipment. After all, Essae is all about ‘Protecting your Profits’.

A brief about Essae Weighbridges:

Looking for enormous load-bearing capacity with minimal maintenance? Then a Concrete weighbridge deck is the best choice. Our concrete decks facilitate the throughput of bulk commodities that are designed to be as easy to install, maintain, and use as necessary in corrosive and saline environments.

Categorized into Semi-automatic and Automatic Weighbridges, Essae has produced the best technological marvels in the name of weighbridges that are unrivaled in terms of accuracy, precision, and other benefits.

Some of the Essae Weighbridges are:

Some Benefits To Look Out for with Essae Weighbridges:

  • Unmanned weighing operation
  • Ensures proper position of the vehicles for the weighment
  • Documented confidence that the product weighed is accurate
  • The system offers full traceability for weighing
  • Data auditing features
  • Easy management of vehicle data, product data, customers, and other vehicle-related information
  • Cost-effective solutions to control malpractice or pilferage at weighbridge operation
  • Quick ROI

To get a good look at India’s Best Weighbridges and understand their application in various industry verticals, do come to the IMMSE, Coimbatore -Tamil Nadu, India, and visit us at Booth No.137 of Codissia, Hall B&F starting today up to 19th March 2023. We are eager to welcome you!