There are not many products on the market other than a satellite or rockets that require the critical application of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electronics, and IT technology for industries. However, industries that need to weigh their goods transported on trucks or rails require equipment that may be termed engineering marvels. It integrates the best of electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, metallurgical engineering, engineering physics, and IT to deliver equipment that withstands rugged conditions, takes on huge loads, weighs them accurately, displays, stores, and shares information on electronic networks, or integrates with the company’s database management systems.

Essae Digitronics is one of India’s leading weighbridge manufacturers, with 27 years of experience in providing weighing solutions for industry, and it has a range of weighbridges, each unique and built using cutting-edge technologies.

The weighbridges offered by Essae Digitronics include:

As already stated, technology plays an important role in improving the efficiency of a weighbridge. For example, the Weigh in Motion weighbridge comes with a data management unit—built-in software that records each axle weight separately and indicates the sum total of all the axles to get the gross vehicle weight. No wonder Essae Digitronics’ weighbridges are known for the accuracy and precision of their data, with scores better than 0.1%.


Surge Protection

Essae Digitronics load cells are protected from lightning with a surge protection device, ensuring that you don’t have to deal with repeated auto-resetting.


Double-ended shear beam load cells

The simple, compact design and rugged, hermetically sealed construction of the load cell assure long life. The technologically advanced tension link mounting arrangement ensures high accuracy and reliability in weight measurement and smooth performance of the load cell.


User-Friendly Weight Indicators

Essae Digitronics weighbridges come with user-friendly electronic weight indicators that are simpler, faster, and more economical for the industry. They provide a factory calibration and restore function, allow standalone operations without connecting to a PC, and allow storage, processing, and retrieval of up to 20000 records, facilitating effective truck data management. Other features include a bar graph, graphical display, soft keys, hotkey 1, key sheet, hotkey 2, compatibility with ERP and SAP, and Web Camera Integration.


Model-TP 105 Weigh Pad

The Model-TP 105 Weigh Pad stands out due to the superior quality steel used in its production, along with plasma cutting, MIG welding, NDT Testing, Shot Blasting, Protective Coating, and epoxy finishing, ensuring protection from corrosion and rusting, and ensuring its long life.


Rail Weigh-in-Motion

Rail Weigh-in-Motion weighbridges utilize microprocessor-based modular electronics and high-quality strain gauges.


Proprietary Software

Essae Digitronics provides its proprietary software, ’R|Msott, which helps in getting weight details in the desired format. It generates, stores, and prints reports of weight data. These reports can be linked to individual wagons, loads, and destinations to help you monitor deliveries to and from customers and suppliers.

A calibration software is also provided with each machine that allows the user to calibrate the weighbridge for different weather conditions, ensuring accurate weighing every time.



Innovation is at the heart of every Essae Digitronics offering for the industry. The Track Weighbridge allows for faster installation, superior strength, and reliability. The uniqueness of the product lies in the innovative box construction, simple foundations, and fast, bolt-down sitting.

The use of double-ended shear beam load cells eliminates friction and provides free movement in the horizontal position. Its unique mounting system protects the load cells from side-load shocks and eliminates excess movement on the platform.


How Essae Weighbridges Help Unlock Efficiency

1. Technology that integrates electrical, electronic, and digital technology to provide accurate weight data.

2. Ease of operation and installation that reduces the cost of setting up and maintaining the equipment.

3. Integrating with the company’s IT and accounting systems, thereby improving process efficiencies and compliance.

4. Super-quality materials, including steel and protective surfaces, ensure the long life of the equipment.

With its rich experience and several thousand installations across India, Essae Digitronics is committed to providing customized weighing solutions for the industry to maintain its edge in a competitive globalized business environment.