Innovation is key to success in any industry in a globalized world. The logistics industry is critically dependent on the accurate weighing of its cargo transported by road and rail. Different types of weighbridges for various applications have been developed by weighbridge manufacturers in IndiaEssae Digitronics, with 25+ years of experience in weighbridge manufacturing, has been at the forefront of innovation, using the latest digital technologies to strengthen its product offerings.

Discover Essae Digitronics’ Range of Weighbridge Products and Innovative Weighing Solutions, and More:


Weighing Solutions:

  • Automatic Weighing Solution (AWS): Cameras with a Pole and Boom Barrier
  • Crusher Production Management System (CPMS)
  • Intelligent Weighing Terminal (IWT)
  • Silo Weighing Solutions
  • Granite Weighing Solutions
  • Wheel Loader Weighing Solutions
  • AccuTrol 4T and 6T with Trolley

Service and Support:

At Essae Digitronics, we go beyond mere product offerings and weighing solutions. Our mission is to reshape industries through innovative weighbridge tools that optimize processes, enhance accuracy, and elevate productivity. With extensive experience and an unwavering commitment to progress, we stand as your trusted partner in leading the way and unlocking the full potential of your operations.

With a profound understanding of a wide array of industries, Essae Digitronics is committed to delivering customized solutions that empower businesses to excel in their unique domains.

Explore how our solutions cater to a range of industries, ensuring success at every step.

Industries We Serve:

RMB: Ready Mix, Builders, and Realtors

For the ready-mix industry, builders, and realtors, we offer precise weighing solutions that ensure accurate measurements for construction materials. Our technology optimizes processes, resulting in efficient project management and high-quality outputs.

CIT (Construction, Infrastructure, Tolls)

Nirghatta mysore toll - Essae Digitronics Weighbridge Manufacturer

In the realm of construction, infrastructure, and toll operations, precision and efficiency are paramount. Our advanced weighing solutions play a pivotal role in managing materials, ensuring structural integrity, and streamlining toll collection processes.

SML (Steel, Mines, and Logistics)

Essae Digitronics Weighbridge Solutions in Dubai - SML Steel, Mines, and Logistics

The steel, mining, and logistics sectors rely on robust and accurate weighing systems for a seamless flow of operations. Our solutions cater to the specific needs of these industries, enhancing productivity, inventory management, and safety.

Agriculture and Others

Essae Digitronics - Agriculture Weighbridge Manufacturer in India

Agriculture and various other industries benefit from our innovative weighing technology. Whether it’s optimizing yield measurements in agriculture or addressing the unique needs of diverse sectors, we provide solutions that make a difference.

At Essae Digitronics, our commitment is to serve as a catalyst for progress across these industries. Through cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of sector-specific requirements, we enable businesses to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Essae Digitronics is committed to providing innovative, state-of-the-art weighing solutions for various industries. Its rich experience and domain expertise make it easier to understand customer needs and provide products to match their requirements, protecting your profits… Since 1996. Learn more about us at