Automatic Weighing Systems (AWS), as the name suggests, are advanced systems that operate without human intervention. The commands are executed automatically, and data and reports are captured and analyzed, improving the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise. It saves manual labor, supervision time, and operator effort and also reduces recording errors.

AWS is used in such industries as logistics, transportation, agriculture, mining, waste management, and manufacturing. Essae Digitronics, the leading weighbridge manufacturer in India, has developed various AWS solutions for industry, setting new standards and role models.

The following are the important characteristics of Essae Digitronics Automatic Weighing Systems (AWS):

  • Automatic and Semi: The systems come in two types: automatic and semi-automatic. The system is flexible enough to switch between automatic and manual operation.

  • Technology: The system uses advanced technology such as identification by RFID system, traffic light and hooter for driver indications, and vehicle alignment sensors. Boom barriers and safety sensors are provided.

  • Real-Time Camera: The system provides a real-time camera view. The snapshots of the truck are taken with the help of a high-resolution surveillance camera.

  • Data Capture: Data captured can be transmitted to SAP, ERP, and connectivity based on client requirements.

  • SMS/Email: The company managers are alerted automatically through SMS and email notifications. The features of AWS can be customized as per the requirements of the client.

3 Types of Automatic Weighing Systems (AWS)

  1. AWS-Basic: The system provides for medium-level efficiency of operations. It provides a vehicle position system, a digital I/O module, full traceability, and data auditing features. It helps in the easy management of vehicle data, product data, customer data, and related information. It prevents pilferage at weighbridge operations.

    Essae  Digitronics - AWS-Basic

  2. AWS-Eco: It is a fully unmanned weighing operation. Provides full traceability and data auditing features. It is provided with traffic lights, sensors, a hooter and bell, and an RFID receiver. Optional features include a camera and a printer. The system enables easy management of vehicle data, product data, customer data, and other information. Saves labor and time.

    Essae Digitronics - AWS-Eco

  3. AWS-Advanced: This system ensures proper positioning of vehicles, full document traceability, and easy management of vehicles, product data, customer data, and vehicle information. It prevents malpractice and pilferage in weighbridge operations. Additional features include RFID, bottom barriers, and a camera. The system disallows two vehicles from entering a weighbridge at the same time, ensures auto-positioning for the driver, fully unmanned operations, reporting, and a customized reporting facility, and provides the highest efficiency in weighing operations.
    Essae Digitronics - AWS-Advanced

Advancements in AWS were possible with technological innovations, modern sensors, microprocessors, and output displays. It has contributed to greater accuracy, automation, repeatability, and speed. It has vastly improved the efficiency and productivity of supply chain management. With weighbridge software, managing data and accounting has become much easier.

Automatic Weighbridge Systems - Essae Digitronics

Essae Digitronics, with its vast experience and expertise in weighbridge solutions in India, has developed AWS technologies that can be customized to the requirements of clients with additional features. AWS-Basic, AWS-Eco, and AWS-Advanced provide a portfolio of choices for the industry to choose from based on budget, requirements, and nature of operations.

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