In its 2022 annual reports for the states of India, NABARD (National Agriculture Board and Rural Development) states that agricultural growth has always been looked at from the perspective of production. Whereas, with the clarion call from the Hon. Prime Minister of India to “double farmers’ profits by 2022,” the focus has now shifted to farmers’ profits. Hence, it’s time to consider agriculture from the perspective of the profits of the agriculture industry.


What are the factors that impact agriculture profits?

At ground level, the entire agriculture and farming industries’ functioning and profits depend entirely on the following factors:

  1. Production: weather, seeds, soil constituency, irrigation
  2. Storage and transport: facilities that allow bulk storage of agricultural produce without letting it rot, and of course, the flexibility and availability of trucks that can transport the bulk to the markets in time.
  3. Weighing Solutions: Rudimentary and conventional weighing systems give room for a lot of errors and are inaccurate, which ultimately impacts the end profits of the agriculture industry. This calls for modern technology devices that provide accurate weights of bulk, thus increasing profits.


Although production, storage, and transport do impact profits abundantly, in this discussion we shall limit our focus to weighing solutions for the agriculture industry. How can modern technology-based weighing solutions impact the agriculture industry’s profits in a significant way?

Companies in India have been manufacturing, deploying, and implementing load cell-based technology weighing solutions to weigh bulk agricultural products to ensure the accuracy of the bulk weight and the truck weight. Essae Digitronics has been the leading manufacturer of industrial and agricultural weighing solutions for 25+ years. Essae has a multitude of weighing solutions to provide accuracy, reliability, and robustness. Modern technology-based weighing solutions are intended to protect the profits of clients. That is the commitment that Essae offers with each of its installations.


The following Weighing solutions from Essae have their respective purposes and benefits in terms of weighing accuracy for the agriculture industry:

  1. AWS: The Automatic Weighbridge Systems (AWS) support unmanned weighing operations where no office is required. The weighbridge ensures the proper position of the vehicles for the weigh-in.
  2. Agro Scale: The Agro Scale is recommended for Light and medium commercial vehicles. The robust, low-profile agro scale offers a cost and space-effective weigh scale for light & medium commercial vehicles.
  3. Concrete weighbridges (CTS 1.0 & 2.0): The concrete weighbridge deck can hold immense weight and doesn’t need much maintenance. Designed to weather saline and corrosive environments, Essae concrete decks are intended to make installation, maintenance, and operation as easy as possible.
  4. Steel weighbridges: Essae steel weighbridge decks are stronger, more reliable, and can be installed easily and quickly. Because of their simple foundations, quick bolt-down seating, and innovative box design, operators all over the country prefer Essae steel weighbridges.
  5. Silo weighing system: Silo weighing makes it easy to handle materials because it gives the live weight of materials. Integration choices with other control systems make it easier than ever to keep an eye on and control the process.
  6. Grain Management System: Weighing Solutions for the Rice Mill Industry Easy Installation: Grain Management System for Real-Time Monitoring Utility for Rice Mills as Well as Public Weighbridge Operations
  7. The IWT-186: The IWT (Intelligent Weighing Terminal), a weighing controller from Essae, is a 15″ wide color touchscreen display specially designed to meet many of the features and automation required in weighbridge operation without using a Computer. IWT can be supplied with standard Weighbridge User software pre-installed.


What is the collective purpose of weighing solutions?

  • With our range of weighbridges and automatic entry control terminals, you can keep track of what comes in and what goes out on your site.
  • Monitoring and simplifying material management with raw materials and end goods.
  • Loading and unloading of trucks with a wide range of scales designed specifically for grain, flour, seed, sugar, or fertilizers.
  • Accurate in weighing materials being fed in at any given point in time.

What are the advantages of Essae Digitronics weighing solutions for the agriculture industry?

  • Accurately quantify bulk or products that are coming in and going out.
  • Automated control of loading and unloading operations.
  • Weigh-in motion that facilitates truck weight and bulk weight accuracy at unmanned tolls.
  • Adherence to all regulatory requirements related to the agriculture industry and transport safety rules.
  • There is no wastage or pilferage of materials, which enhances profits.


What do our customers have to say about us?

Video Testimonial:

Our client from Tamil Nadu speaks highly of our services and our machinery.


Mr. Dashrath Prasad, ED of Dashrath Prasad Fertilizers, shares his experience and his long and happy association with Essae Weighbridges.


Our esteemed client, Mr. C. R. Sakthivel, finds Essae weighbridges to be a perfect weighing solution for his agro-industry, CRP Cashews.



Accuracy of weight is crucial for protecting the profits of the agriculture industry. Accuracy is important in tracking and weighing bulk produce, managing existing stock, and trading bulk produce. Technology-based weighbridges help the agriculture industry with all these and more.

Weighbridges can also be used to reduce wastage, cut losses, and stop pilferage, which naturally leads to increased profits. Inaccurate weighing could either lead to the overloading of vehicles or damage to personnel. Inadequate loading would mean multiple trips to ensure the customer’s needs are met, resulting in fuel and man-hour waste. Intelligently weigh scales that are technology-based help with static and in-motion weighing, record data for future reference, hold the live current weight in the system in situations of power failure, have unmanned toll booths, etc. Benefits are many, profits can be huge, and with Essae Digitronics, these profits remain protected.