Concrete weighbridges offer durability and stability compared to other types of weighbridges. Therefore, it is not surprising that over 60% of the truck scales in Western and European markets are made of concrete.

Here are some of the advantages of concrete weighbridges:

1. They have exceptional stability and resilience against the impact of truck loads. They are anti-corrosive and not impacted by harsh environments, which increases the lifespan of the truck weighing scale. 

2. Concrete weighbridges are economical as their construction costs are up to 40% cheaper than steel platforms. Concrete weighbridges are constructed on-site thus reducing the cost of transportation. 

3. Concrete weighbridges can be constructed to the desired strength level. This makes the design flexible and customisable as per load bearing capacity.

4. Concrete can be cast into any desired shape which is suitable for various applications. Concrete weigh bridges are fire resistant and capable of withstanding high temperatures.

5. Since the concrete platform is a rigid monolithic structure, there is no lateral pull of load cells. The truck load gets distributed to all the load cells.

Here are the disadvantages of concrete weighbridges:

1. Low Tensile Strength: Compared to other materials, concrete has low tensile strength . Therefore, it is weak at resisting pulling and stretching forces.

2. Less Ductile: Concrete is less ductile. Therefore, it doesn’t deform significantly before failure. 

3. Soluble Salts: Concrete may contain soluble salts, leading to efflorescence (white deposits on the surface).

4. Heavy Weight: The weight of concrete is high compared to its strength. This may result in higher construction costs due to requirement of additional materials

Essae Digitronics is India’s leading manufacturer of weighbridges. Essae Concrete weighbridges facilitate the handling of bulk materials. It offers a design that gives priority to streamlined installation, maintenance and operation, even in corrosive and saline environments.

Choosing a Weighbridge

The choice of weighbridge depends on vehicle sizes, availability of space, site accessibility and vehicle manoeuvrability. Concrete decks are significantly heavier than steel, which is advantageous for load distribution and durability. It can withstand movement and force exerted by trucks effectively. Concrete weighbridges are suitable for a wide range of vehicle sizes, including 3-axle (10-wheeler) single-body trucks and single-trailer combinations.

Concrete weighbridges offer better traction, especially in icy or wet conditions. Ultimately, the choice is dependent on the specific requirements of the company, budget, and site conditions.

Essae Digitronics, the leading weighbridge manufacturer of steel weighbridges, concrete weighbridges, and portable weighpads, can assist you in choosing a weighbridge depending on your requirements and site characteristics.