Investment in a weighbridge is absolutely essential for improving efficiency, productivity and performance of your company. But the question is how to choose the best weighbridge manufacturing company to satisfy our requirements.

Here are some tips to choose the best one:


Look for companies that have already purchased weighbridges. Are they happy with the product?  Or the other option is to get expert advice. They might be able to help shortlist the best companies and also find out which company understands the business requirement of the client. Product reviews if available in industry magazines can help in the selection of the right weighbridge manufacturer.

Customization Choices

Look for suppliers who could customize the weighbridge solution to your requirements. It may with respect to size, paint finish, load cells, type of weighbridge among others.

After Sales Service

Look for companies that provide reliable after sales service as the weighbridges work under a very tough and stressful environment. Companies that have qualified engineers will be able to provide excellent after sales service so that downtime risks can be minimized and help keep the machine in good working condition. This is also essential for long life and efficiency of the machine.


The machine should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions especially rain and cold. Such situations can lead to rusting and water ingression. Thunder and lightning may cause damage to load cells. Ensure that the machine is durable to resist the harsh conditions.

Design Elements

Weigh bridges are available in different shapes and sizes. Whether the manufacturer has the product that suits your environment is quite important. Design problems can lead to load cell failure, in accurate readings and so on.

Industry Standards

It is better to check the quality and compliance standards followed by the weighbridge manufacturer.  Do they follow the ISO international standards? Do they offer full traceability of the steel and components? Do they have in-house automated welding? The location of the company is an important consideration as it could have an impact on availability of stock, lead times and shipping costs.  It can ensure that the product and service they offer is of the highest professional standards in the industry.

Pricing of the Product

Pricing is a deciding factor in the choice of a weighbridge but lower prices may be quoted by companies who don’t offer quality products and services. This will add to the cost of ownership on repair and maintenance. Ensure that the supplier has fraud prevention, software support and configurable options required for your business. Choose a supplier who can provide complete solutions for your business.

If you are looking forward to investing in a weighbridge, Essae Digitronics has the solutions to meet your industry requirements.