Weighbridges used for weighing goods and vehicles can be classified into two types: fixed-type and movable-type. The movable types of weighbridges and those that can be customized for various applications may be grouped under flexi weighbridges.


The common characteristics of flexible weighbridges include modular construction, the use of steel and concrete for durability, and the ability to withstand variations in temperature, humidity, and terrain. Flexibility is also characterized by the availability of the size, capacity, and features required for the business enterprise.

Easier to Install: The modular design makes them easier to install, reducing downtime and helping with easier maintenance. 

Digital Technology: Flexible weighbridges also enable digital technology integration for data collection and processing. This enhances the efficiency and accuracy of measurements. Connectivity with PCs and remote systems facilitates monitoring data logging and integration with other systems in the enterprise.

Weather and Corrosion Resistant: Flexible weighbridges are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, and a proper coating is provided to prevent corrosion.

Load Cells: Flexible weighbridges use high-quality load cells to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurements.

Essae Digitronics, the leading manufacturer of weighbridges in India, uses double-ended shear beam load cells that are protected from external shocks for its weighbridge solutions. The use of plasma cutting, superior steel, shot blasting, MIG welding, ND-Testing, epoxy paint, and red oxide coating ensures durability and strength for weighbridges.

User-friendly Interface: Flexible solutions are also characterized by a user-friendly interface, which helps in easy calibration, data retrieval, and reporting.

Portable Weighscale: Portable weigh scales are easily movable in different locations and are useful for setting up temporary weighing stations. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to install on a level surface. Portable weigh scales are convenient to set up in remote or isolated areas where a permanent weighbridge may not be possible to install. 

Pitless Surface-Mounted Weighscales: Surface-mounted weigh scales can be installed directly on the ground surface without the need to dig a pit or perform civil construction. It is suitable in places where excavation is challenging due to the quality of the soil or terrain.

Rapid advances in forging technology, using quality materials for construction, and digital applications have increased the acceptability of flexi-weighing solutions for various industrial applications. 

Essae Digitronics, the leading manufacturer of weighbridge solutions in India, provides comprehensive solutions including pit and pitless weighbridges, weigh-in-motion rail, and truck weighbridges, as well as portable weigh scales. Get in touch with us to learn more.